Enabling the next generation of energy harvesting solutions at lowest BOM cost.


A key advantage of Nowi energy harvesting power management technology is the ultra low assembly BOM. This has significant advantages in terms of size and ease-of-use.

However, more than anything the lowered cost enables applications that have traditionally been out of scope. Even though energy harvesting can generate sufficient energy to power billions of devices today, for the majority of these applications it has simply been too expensive to implement.

Nowi pricing philosophy is not to add BOM cost savings to the chip pricing, but instead to use these savings to lower overall implementation costs and thereby enable novel energy harvesting applications.

As such, the parts are priced highly competitive with the customer in mind. Contact us for more specific details on pricing.


Nowi technology is available for licensing. A range of licensing models are possible and can be discussed upon request.

Energy harvesting power management is seen by Nowi as a key building block for low-power connected devices. As we look to the future of such devices, both the size and limited lifetime of batteries will become increasingly problematic Furthermore, basic functionalities such as connectivity, processing and power will become ever more integrated in such devices. Integration of Nowi energy harvesting IP into the device itself enables an energy autonomous full ‘solution-on-chip’.