Article: Easy Engineering’s Interview with Nowi in 2020

Nowi is a semiconductor company based in Delft, the Netherlands, with sales offices in Hong Kong and California. The company specializes in the design of power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for low power energy harvesting. Nowi was established in 2015 by founders Simon van der Jagt and Omar Link after they completed their Master degrees. The company started with developing sensors, which use energy harvesting to last a very long period of time. Over the last few years Nowi has shifted its focus towards semiconductor chipset design for energy harvesting. Nowi has grown exponentially in a short period of time to establish itself as a budding player in the chip design segment. Its team has grown from a few people to almost 30 employees. With a goal to remove power bottlenecks in large scale IoT implementations, it has partnered up with companies like T-Mobile, Huawei and Telink to develop smart solutions. In 2019, Nowi collaborated with MMT, a Swiss smartwatch module manufacturer to develop a module which does not need to be charged by the consumer.

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