Article: How the Nowi Energy Harvesting PMIC Can Help You Reduce 94% of Your BOM Cost

This video illustrates how by reducing the number of external components, Nowi’s PMIC can save you tens of thousands of euros bill of materials (BOM) cost. While traditional solutions require over 15 external components and inductors to make a chip work, the Nowi PMIC needs only 1 external component and no inductor. It means that in order to make a product work properly, using the Nowi PMIC is over 15 times more cost-saving than other alternative solutions.

In other words, if an external component costs 7 cents on average and you want to produce 100.000 products, all the additional required components for traditional solutions will add €90.000. In comparison, the additional BOM cost for the Nowi PMIC only adds €7.000. It is a 94% reduction in BOM cost!

If you are interested in reducing your BOM cost by using Nowi’s advanced energy harvesting technology, feel free to contact us for more information or to set up a meeting with us.