Article: New Tektronix battery simulator helps Nowi to supercharge the world’s drive towards autonomous energy

“Nowi’s energy harvesting chips are the interface between a harvester such as a solar cell and a re-chargeable battery. The company needed to have the capability of carrying out rapid tests under different battery conditions for a range of industry sectors and end uses, checking its chips against a wide variety of batteries in its testing laboratories.

Gerrit de Wagt, Nowi’s Senior Validation Engineer and Application Engineering Manager, commented: “In order to match the harvester, IC and battery precisely we need to know the characteristics of each battery. How does it operate, how much leakage is there, what’s the voltage stability, when do you need to stop charging or discharging – all that data is essential.”

However, waiting for a battery to charge or discharge to a certain state to get this data can take up to a day, which is not practical. The Nowi team concluded that to streamline its test set-up and boost its efficiency, it would need to substitute actual batteries with a battery simulator.”

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