Article: Open Innovation Program: Nowi Collaborates with Multiple Research Institutions to Accelerate the Development of Energy Harvesting Technologies

Nowi is a semiconductor company from the Netherlands working in the field of energy harvesting. They are committed to creating sustainable business and consumer value by powering electronic products indefinitely and getting rid of billions of primary batteries polluting our land and oceans every year. The recently launched Nowi NH2 is the world’s smallest energy-harvesting solution with industry-leading efficiency and MPPT settling time. With the goal of accelerating innovation in the field of energy harvesting and developing products that can take advantage of the new chipset, Nowi announced the Open Innovation Program (OIP) in August 2020. At the core of this program is its academic and innovative nature, as mentioned in the announcement. The program is designed to be a close collaboration between the engineering team at Nowi and selected researchers, wherein Nowi provides the SoC and engineering support while learning about and contributing to the most cutting-edge innovations.

The candidates were evaluated based on the innovativeness of their applications, the need for energy harvesting in the project, and the technical/engineering fit with the Nowi NH2 chipset. After careful review, Nowi has selected three research groups for the program, which will run over the course of this year. They have ensured a diverse selection of projects geographically as well as being based on application and industry.

The selected candidates for this round of the Nowi OIP are Dr. Sawsan Almohammed from University College Dublin; Dr. Scott Mills from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia; and Dr. Wei-Hsin Liao from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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