Press Release: Nowi & Murata partnership enables development of LoRa energy autonomous platforms

Press Release: HiSilicon & Nowi Introduce Energy Autonomous NB-IoT Platform: a Power-free Solution in the Smallest Size Possible

Article: Energy Harvesting PMIC Available as Samples – Electronic Lab

Press Release: Netherlands Energy Harvesting Semiconductor firm Nowi Reaches $14 Million in Funding

White Paper: Enabling Smart Parking: Lithium Battery vs. Energy Harvesting

Article: How the Nowi Energy Harvesting PMIC Can Help You Reduce 94% of Your BOM Cost

Article: Nowi CEO on Boosting Sensor IoT Development with Energy Harvesting Technology

Article: Huawei’s Market-Leading NB-IoT Device SoC Has Been Combined with Nowi’s Energy Harvesting PMIC

Press Release: Nowi Energy Harvesting Technology Enables Groundbreaking Hybrid Smartwatch Module for MMT

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