Nowi Blue Coral

Connected smart sensors are becoming an increasingly popular topic within the internet of things applications. Virtually anything contains multiple sensors that send their data to the cloud using wireless communication. Some examples of these sensor applications are environmental monitoring, smart infrastructure or smart city applications. These sensors are generally battery powered since they are placed in locations where it is generally quite difficult to route power cables to, these batteries generally have a very limited battery lifetime before it requires a replacement of batteries. This is when energy harvesting becomes an interesting approach, by harvesting ambient and charging a secondary battery, the battery lifetime of these applications can either be significantly improved or become completely energy autonomous.

Our Blue Coral Development Platform enables the user to develop any energy autonomous LTE-M or NB-IoT sensor application. The platform combines Nexperia’s energy harvesting PMIC (NH2) together with Nordic Semiconductors nRF9160 cellular modem SiP. The development platform is specifically designed in order to rapidly develop any smart sensor internet of things application that requires cellular connectivity. It is MikroBUS compatible which allows over 200+ off the shelf sensor development click boards to be used with the platform to develop for any type of sensor applications for either LTE-M or NB-IoT connectivity. It includes current measurement capabilities to optimize the power consumption of your application in order for your application to become energy autonomous.

You can visit DigiKey (US only) or contact us to purchase Blue Coral. For more information about the Blue Coral development platform, please check our application note and user guide. For more information about our NH2 PMIC, you can download the data sheet through this link. For more information on Nordic Semiconductors nRF91 SiP check out their product page through this link.