Press Release: Nowi Energy Harvesting Technology Enables Groundbreaking Hybrid Smartwatch Module for MMT

Press Release: Nowi Energy Harvesting Technology Enables Groundbreaking Hybrid Smartwatch Module for MMT

January 6, 2019 Las Vegas, USA: Dutch semiconductor firm Nowi and Swiss module company MMT (Manufacture Modules Technologies SA) announce commercial availability of the new MMT 285EH module for use in hybrid smartwatches.

The solar power module offers a package of Nowi energy harvesting power management , Nordic semiconductor Bluetooth communication, accelerometer functionality, and smartphone connectivity in an extremely small module footprint previously unavailable. By utilizing Nowi’s advanced energy harvesting integrated circuit, MMT is able to offer watchmakers a platform to design unique hybrid smartwatches that eliminate the need to be charged by consumers.


Phillipe Fraboulet – CEO MMT “The ability to offer a watch providing a unique sustainable technical solution is important to our clients and their brands. Our customers are known for tradition and craftsmanship that they have cultivated over many decades, but they aren’t standing still, they want some of the latest technology while not sacrificing aesthetics and tradition. Durability and ease of use are key for our customers and this complete module offering from MMT and Nowi helps them make that first big step.”

“ MMT has understood from the beginning the opportunity that a greatly reduced energy harvesting PCB footprint offers for hybrid watches. Nowi has been able to combine the reduced bill of materials with top energy harvesting performance. Especially the fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) has proven to be key in enabling hybrid watch applications. As the user moves the angle and type of light are continuously changing and this forces the energy harvesting chip to continuously adapt to retain the highest conversion efficiency. Nowi’s MPPT is able to adapt in less than a second which in practice means significantly more harvested energy.”

Simon van der Jagt – Nowi CEO

Visit Nowi at CES press announcement January 7th 12:00 at the Sands convention center, Dutch Pavilion Stand, Swiss-made sample watches will be available to view.

About NOWI: NOWI is a private semiconductor firm from Delft, the Netherlands, founded in 2015. Their expertise is in energy harvesting (low) power management IC and IP design. The company is focusing on enabling IoT and consumer product applications to become ‘Plug & Forget’.

About MMT: Manufacture Modules Technologies SA is a Swiss company specializing in the delivery of complete Horological Smartwatch modules including; firmware, apps and cloud management software.

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