Nowi Updates – Q3/2019

Another quarter of 2019 has passed. Here at Nowi our summer was filled with fantastic activities and events. We welcomed visitors from all over the world: Korea, China, the UK, Austria. And as a result, several exciting collaborations will be announced soon.

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Product Highlights

Nowi’s latest MPPT feature

Nowi’s CTO Andre Mansano and energy harvesting architect Gustavo Martins explain how Nowi’s patented MPPT algorithm differs from other solutions.

Watch the video

How to reduce 94% of your BOM cost

This video illustrates how by reducing the number of external components, Nowi’s PMIC can save you tens of thousands of euros bill of materials (BOM) cost.

Watch the video


The NiPS energy harvesting summer school

In September, Nowi’s engineers attended the NiPS Energy Harvesting Summer School in Perugia, Italy. Organized by EnABLES EU – European Infrastructure Powering the Internet of Things, the event gave us a great chance to exchange knowledge and discuss our projects with experts in energy harvesting from all over the world.

IFA Berlin and the upcoming world tour

Continuing the success of IFA Berlin where we had the chance to meet up and connect with several partners, in the next six months, Nowi team will have a very busy schedule with its “world tour”. From IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona to CES Las Vegas, Nowi world tour will be a great opportunity to meet our team and discuss potential partnerships. 

Team Updates

Nowi team is growing fast. Within few weeks after moving to the new office, we’d already welcomed two new members to our team: Peter van der Hout – Head of Validation and Anirban Roy – Market Research Intern.

Peter van der Hout

Peter van der Hout – Head of Validation

Peter has a few decades of IC validation and testing experience at leading technology firms, his work ensures the Nowi IC’s reliably perform as they should.

Anirban Roy – Market Research Intern

Roy is conducting research on developing markets in which Nowi’s energy harvesting technology can play a key role.

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