Energy Autonomous Thingy:91

Complete Power Block Solution

This new solution developed with TDK is designed to provide a complete power block for IoT applications, from harvester to storage element – a one-stop-shop solution. The complete power block is ideal for quick development of IoT applications which aim to be sustainable.
Solution components
Ambient source: indoor light
Energy harvester: TDK BCSC45B3 PV
Energy harvesting chip: our NH2 PMIC, which boosts and converts the energy into the storage element
Storage element: TDK CeraCharge®, the world’s first rechargeable solid-state SMD batteries
Sensor: TDK Time-of-Flight Sensor CH101 series
The complete power block, composed of TDK’s PV panels, Nexperia Energy Harvesting Solutions, powered by Nowi technology and TDK’s tiny rechargeable CeraCharge® batteries will be used to power the TDK Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. The Time-of-Flight sensor will count the number of visitors passing by (in this case, in front of the booth) and will transmit the data to a dashboard. Powered by our energy harvesting PMIC, TDK’s ToF sensor becomes fully energy autonomous, ensuring that it never runs out of battery.