Codium (NH2D0245)

High-performance energy harvesting PMIC for low power applications.
Codium (NH2D0245) PMIC is designed to efficiently extract power from ambient energy sources like light and vibration to charge a variety of energy storage elements such as a rechargeable battery or a super-capacitor. It is best suited for most low power applications like distributed IoT sensors, electronic shelf labels, TV remote controls, smart wearables etc. Detailed technical specifications can be found in the Codium datasheet that you can request.


Codium (NH2D0245) comes in the compact QFN package of 3mm x 3mm. Requiring just one external capacitor and having an assembly footprint of ~12mm2, Codium is one of the smallest energy harvesting solutions in the industry. This enables applications with extreme space constraints like wearable devices and smart tags.

Energy Sources

Codium is optimised to efficiently harvest energy from indoor and outdoor ambient light with a wide range of luminosity from dimly lit areas to bright sunny environments. However with the right setup, it can also harvest the mechanical energy of kinetic sources like human movement and machine vibrations. Piezoelectric and inductive energy harvesters are used in these applications. Codium cannot harvest from multiple sources simultaneously; however, it is possible to either use individual PMICs for each source, connected to different harvesters or to multiplex different harvesters to a single PMIC. To enquire about your specific use case, please contact our application engineering team.