High-performance energy harvesting meets power management in one chip for low-power applications.
Diatom (NH16D3045) is a high-performance energy harvesting solution for low-power applications. Diatom is designed to work efficiently in the range of microwatts (μW) to milliwatts (mW) of power, which is suitable for different connected devices such as smart wearables, electronic shelf labels and wireless sensor networks (WSN). A regular set of power management features have been added to the chip, allowing it function as a complete solution for all power management needs in an energy harvesting device. You can request more information about our latest Diatom chip via this form.


Diatom (NH16D3045) comes in the compact 28-lead QFN package of 4mm x 4mm. Requiring no inductors nor coilcraft, Diatom’s unique design reduces the BOM and has an assembly footprint of ~20mm2, one of the smallest energy harvesting and power management solutions in the industry. This enables applications with extreme space constraints like wearable devices and smart tags.

Energy Sources & Storage Elements

Diatom can extract the power output of a wide range of energy harvesters to charge a variety of energy storage elements such as rechargeable batteries or supercapacitors. Diatom was developed to harvest energy from light or solar (from all types of solar PVs) and from other energy sources such as kinetic, temperature and radio frequencies (RF). Diatom collects and boosts the power to charge all types of storage elements, namely batteries, hybrid supercapacitors and supercapacitors. Diatom’s unique design, including a cold start feature, allows batteryless applications. To enquire about your specific use case, please contact our application engineering team.

Power Management

Diatom combines a range of power management features such as regulated output, over voltage protection, under voltage protection and USB charging. These features enable battery protection. No additional Power Management IC is needed as Diatom already combines these features, making it a complete simple and cost-efficient solution.