Smart Footwear

Smart wearables are becoming an increasingly popular accessory for people to use in their daily life. They are often used for activity monitoring to get real time feedback on the exercise pattern or while performing sports activities.

Nexperia Energy Harvesting Solutions powered by Nowi technology for smart insole provides a system that is capable of measuring workout metrics of a person in real time when he is running. It incorporates a Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver based on Nordic Semiconductors nRF52 Bluetooth chip. Flash memory storage is used to store raw sensor data, and an 6-axis inertial sensor is also integrated to measure and determine various metrics of the workout.

The insole incorporates ceramic piezoelectric energy harvesters that are capable of generating energy with each step a person walks, where the mechanical pressure on the insole is converted into electrical charge. This low voltage electrical charge is then boosted using our NH2 energy harvesting PMIC and used to charge a lithium based secondary battery. The battery life of the system is significantly higher compared to leading smart wearable insole systems available in the market. In certain use cases and with the right optimisations, it is also possible to have an energy autonomous smart sole powered by Nexperia’s energy harvesting PMIC.

For more information about piezoelectric energy harvesting using NH2, please check our application note on the smart wearable insole project. For more information on NH2 energy harvesting PMIC please refer to the NH2 datasheet.