Nowi: Enabling the Internet of Things

Soon the world will have 30 billion connected devices

All of these will need a power supply that lasts for decades

The Nowi Power Module enables this

The Problem

Battery lifetime is fundamentally limited due to limitations in their chemistry

Sensors are generally passive for long periods of time in which they 'sleep'. When they wake up, for a few milliseconds they require 10.000x more power. These extremely short power peaks deteriorate the battery life significantly reducing the battery life to only a fraction of it's capacity.

  • Battery lifetime is fundamentally limited
  • Limited battery life impacts user-experience and increases servicing costs

Energy Harvesting


Instead of bringing energy to our devices, we can use the energy that is already available to it. There is energy in light, movement, heat and even in RF signals, that we can use to power our devices. Low power devices such as smart wearables or sensors will never require charging or battery changes when Nowi energy harvesting is used

  • 1uW-1o0uW gained continuously by energy harvesting
  • 1-hour of direct light per day is enough to power an hybrid watch indefinitely

NOWI Energy Harvesting PMIC

Enabling devices to live forever with advanced energy harvesting

The Nowi power management IC combines the world's most advanced energy harvesting design with the highest DC-DC conversion efficiency. As such, it is able to solve the power bottleneck in products ranging from Wearables to Internet of Things sensors.

  • Nowi Power Module technology eliminates the need for battery servicing
  • Take advantage of breakthrough energy harvesting technology
  • From parking sensors, to cargo temperature control and GPS asset tracking, the transportation sector is under-going a transformation due to the Internet of Things. Reducing sensor maintenance by using the Nowi Power Module saves money at the bottom-line.
  • Gas and water meters to onroad car counting and monitoring. Energy saving in urban area’s can be significant when sensors are deployed effectively. The scale and location of these sensors will make maintenance expensive, impractical and risky due to system down-time. The Nowi Power Module can simplify sensor implementation by elimanating their maintenance need.
  • Temperature, light, air quality and noise sensors deployed in office buildings have the potential to increase workforce productivity by 10% while reducing energy consumption by 20%. Deploying thousands of sensors throughout each building creates facility management problems due to the high sensor maintenance need. The Nowi Power Module enables sensors to outlast the furtniture and possibly even the building itself.
  • Livestock tracking, soil monitoring and smart logistics can increase yields in agriculture. It will require an enormous amount of sensors in challenging environments. This makes sensor maintenance problematic. The Nowi Power Module solves the power bottleneck for agricultural sensors. It thereby enables solutions that would have otherwise been too expensive or impractical.
  • Air quality, current, temperature sensors and smoke detecors are poised to make industry safer, more sustainable and more productive. These sensors are often installed in hard to reach places and their reliability is key. The Nowi Power Module solves the power problem in sensors and thereby reduces the need for sensor maintenance in industrial settings
  • Smart and hybrid watches require additional power in order to measure user-activitity, send notifications and communicate with the internet. Nowi technology enables wearable devices to never need user-charging. Nowi has proven that even as little as 1-hour a day of direct light is enough to power a hybrid watch forever


Solving the power bottleneck in smart devices reduces the need for servicing significantly and thereby enables new applications.

The Nowi Power Module has been designed to be multi-purpose. It is able to power different types of sensors in different environments using a range of energy harvesting and battery hybrid options. Have a look how it could help your business.

Plug & ForgetTM

For the Internet of Things to fulfill its promise, sensors are required that operate maintenance- free for longer than the application they are used in. Plug & Forget sensors are needed.

  • Min. input V of 40mV & 92% DC-DC efficiency
  • Solar PV, Thermo-electric and  RF harvesting
  • PCB assembly area of only 12mm2 required
  • Hybrid battery energy harvesting enabled

The Nowi energy harvesting PMIC uses external energy sources as an additional means of power for connected devices. This enables the creation of products that are either completely batteryless or hybrid battery devices with a greatly extended lifetime.

Power Module

The combination of a decade of academic research and several Nowi patents have created the Nowi Power Module. This energy harvesting and power management IC enables long-life sensor applications

Application Engineering

Applications possible in IoT are endless however they all share the same power problem. Nowi can make custom PCB designs to suit the specs needed in your application.

NOWI Team Members

Meet the people behind Nowi's innovation. A young and multidisciplinary team with a strong tech know-how and passion for innovation.

Simon van der Jagt


Simon strongly believes that, at the bottom-line, the commercialization of technology benefits society.
With this vision he leads the team on a daily basis

Omar Link


Omar is the bridge between all engineering disciplines in the team. With his vision for internal processes and eye for detail, he making sure the Nowi machine runs smoothly and is always thinking one step ahead

Dr. André Mansano


André is a world leading expert in energy harvesting and power management. He is pushing the technological development of Nowi’s products forward.

-PhD micro electronics

Didos van Dam


Didos has a rich career with experience as an accountant and as CFO at a 120+ person fast growing company

Chris Juliano

VP Strategic Partnerships

Chris his commercial experience at Qualcomm and strong know-how in partnership building with Fortune 500 companies, is enabling Nowi in making the next step towards commercialization.

Dr. Gustavo Campos Martins

Energy Harvesting Architect

Gustavo has a PhD on energy harvesting and efficient DC-DC conversion. This enables him to improve Nowi’s core technology

– PhD micro electronics

Dr. Mohammad Javad Dezyani

Analog IC designer

Javad is a highly talented analog IC engineer. With a PhD in power management and energy harvesting he is an invaluable asset to the Nowi team

Weichen Xu

Analog IC designer

Weichen is a top analog IC engineer and an important part of the core technology developing the Nowi Power Module

-MSc micro electronics

Babak Mazhab Jafari

Analog IC designer

Babak is a talented analog IC designer in the Nowi team. With this experience and his novel idea’s he is a core asset of the Nowi technology team

-MSc micro electronics

Mario Lizana

Application Engineer

Mario uses his know-how in both embedded and micro electronics to put Nowi technology to work in custom projects.

-MSc embedded systems

Ehsan Zabihi

Embedded Systems Engineer

Ehsan is working on creating as low-power as possible sensor system while optimizing energy
harvesting efficiency

– MSc embedded systems

Hiram Torres

Test engineer

Hiram is a skilled electrical engineer that helps in testing and verifying Nowi technology


Pim Lindeman

Application Engineer

Pim uses his know-how in electrical engineering and prototyping to strengthen the Nowi team.


Alberto Gancedo

RF Energy Harvesting

As a member of our Research and Development team, Alberto has a role in the energy harvesting development of the Nowi. sensors

Maria Coppens

Office manager

As office manager Maria ensures keeps running smoothly and the team has what it needs to perform

Luc van Wietmarschen

Intern - MSc graduate

As an intern and MSc graduate Luc is exploring how MPPT technology can be further improved

NOWI Advisors

Nowi is backed by seasoned entrepreneurs and leading academic researchers. They bring business and tech experience to the team.

Ad Scheepbouwer

Investor and advisor

Ad is helping Nowi as an investor at DTV and advisor. Ad has a long and very successful track record both as CEO and technology investor. He is the former CEO of Royal KPN and TNT Group and completed several successful technology investments, including RFS Group (Wehkamp) and Fox-IT. His experience includes general management, international roll-out and technology investments. Wouter Serdijn

Full professor at Delft University of Technology, where he heads the Section Bioelectronics.

Has been leading one of the world’s best university departments on Energy Harvesting and Power Management innovations for over a decade

Dr. Przemysław Pawełczak

Head of embedded systems lab and professor at TU Delft

Przemek is world-leading in terms of radio frequency power harvesting and coaches the Nowi product team on a very regular basis.

Ivo de la Rive Box

Founder and CEO of Quby B.V.

Ivo has founded Quby and with their Toon product has become the market leader in Europe for smart thermostats. His innovation and knowledge in business development is valuable for Nowi.

Jan Willem Klerkx

CCO Scyfer

Jan-Willem has built and sold his own startup to Qualcomm. This serial-entrepreneur knows how to get a technology startup off the ground.

Bob Stassar

Partner at PNO, Managing Director Stadsburgreeve

Bob was a partner at one of the largest financial consultancies in the Netherlands. As such he is extremely well-suited to advise Nowi on financing matters.


Nowi energy harvesting technology has gotten commercial traction by global companies using prototype IC's in pilot projects. Furthermore it has received recognition from Research Institutions such as ASML, TU Delft and Mahanakorn University. Finally there has been recognition through media and a range of International Innovation awards. Click on an item to find out more.

Nowi wins the Accenture Innovation award 2016

The jury of the Accenture Innovation awards has named Nowi as the Internet of Things winner. This was due to the international potential of the Nowi technology.

Nowi receives semiconductor innovation award from Chinese Advanced Semiconductor Association (CASA)

The Chinese Advanced Semiconductor Association has granted Nowi an innovation award for it’s energy harvesting technology. CASA has motivated their selection of Nowi by saying that the potential of Nowi’s energy harvesting technology IC has the potential to enable application in hybrid / smart watches, but also throughout other Internet of Things verticals such as industrial IoT and smart cities

Collaboration with Swiss watch manufacturer MMT

MMT and Nowi have initiated a collaboration to develop the world’s first ‘Plug & Forget’ watch. A hybrid watch with smart functionalities, such as activity tracking, auto updates and notifications, that never requires user-charging can be achieved when the Nowi Power Module is integrated in the MMT smart watch module.

RTLZ and Bright TV feature Nowi

Nowi has been chosen as one of the most promising new technology startups. Https://

Part of Europe’s Leading Tech Incubator

Nowi has gone through the incubation program of YEs!Delft. The Program is ranked second worldwide as business incubator.

Nowi has won the Startup World Cup in Denmark in 2016.

The Startup World Cup is a yearly competition in which startups from all over the world compete for the title. Nowi was chosen as the Internet of Things winner as the technology enables other innovations in the sector.

Pilot with BAM in 2017/2018

BAM and Nowi are together deploying sensors in roads. The sensors will be embedded in the road and use energy harvesting as a means of continuous power. The sensors help in making the Netherlands infrastructure smarter.

We Are In The News

From commercial projects, collaborations, innovation awards and other announcements. We will keep you up-to-date!

March 2019
10 European IoT startups to watch in 2019

The interconnectivity between the real and the digital world is greater than ever and IoT is fueling innovation in nearly every part of our lives, from turning our homes smart to transforming entire industries.

With its leading technology in energy harvesting, Nowi has been listed in 10 European IoT startups to watch in 2019 by Eu-Startup, one of the leading online publications with a focus on startups in Europe.

March 2019
NOWI Wins 2019 IoT Innovation World Cup for Method to Continuously Recharge and Power IoT and Wearable Products

Selected for the finals by the jury members out of +500 submissions from more than 45 nations, Nowi won the top prize to be the Top IoT Innovator “Industrial” at the 10th IoT Innovation World Cup.
With a reputation accumulated over 15 years of successful competitions, the IOT Innovation World Cup® Series is no doubt the largest open innovation platform worldwide for IoT and tech solutions. The exciting 10th Innovation World Cup® finals took place in February 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

January 2019
€1 million additional funding to Nowi for development of Energy Harvesting PMIC

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has granted NOWI €1 million in funding. The credit will be used to further develop the NOWI Energy Harvesting PMIC technology.

The additional funding enables Nowi to make its technology market-ready. Nowi is translating its leading technology position in low-power energy harvesting into a small chip that can be used in a wide range of devices.

November 2018
Nowi receives semiconductor innovation award from Chinese Advanced Semiconductor Association (CASA)

The Chinese Advanced Semiconductor Association has granted Nowi an innovation award for it’s energy harvesting technology, due to it’s potential to enable IoT applications such as wearable ( hybrid and smart watches) and other applications in industrial Internet of Things

October 2018
MMT and Nowi have initiated a collaboration to develop the world’s first ‘Plug & Forget’ watch

MMT and Nowi have initiated a collaboration to develop the world’s first ‘Plug & Forget’ watch. A hybrid watch with smart functionalities, such as activity tracking, auto updates and notifications, that never requires user-charging can be achieved when the Nowi IC is integrated in the MMT smart watch module. Nowi’s energy harvesting technology will be used by MMT ( a leading swiss watch manufacturer) to harvest energy from light to power a new model hybrid watch.

August 2018
Nowi presenting as ‘Breakthrough Innovation’ at Wearable Technologies 2018 in Singapore

As part of the Wearable Technologies conference in Singapore, Nowi CEO Simon van der Jagt will be presenting how Nowi technology can improve wearable products. The extended lifetime of wearables by the effective use of energy harvesting technology made possible by Nowi improves the value proposition towards the user.  

June 2018
Nowi Power Module explained in 1-minute animation

A short 1-minute YouTube video gives you an overview of what we do at Nowi and what the impact of this technology will be

March 2018
€1.5m Venture Capital Investment for Nowi

Nowi receives €1.5 million in funding from Disruptive Technology Ventures for the further development of their Energy Harvesting technology and finalization of the Power Module. Besides this, industry titans such as former KPN telecom CEO Ad Scheepbouwer will actively help the company in the further commercialization of the Nowi sensor technology.

December 2017
Nowi receives R&D grant together with Qualinx

Nowi has received a R&D grant together with Qualinx from ‘Provincie Zuid-Holland‘. The aim is to further develop Nowi’s Power Module and combine this into a demonstrator with Qualinx ultra-low power GPS module.  

October 2017
BAM/T-Mobile/Nowi embed Plug & Forget sensor in roads

A temperature sensor, based on the Nowi Power Module and communicating via NB-IoT protocol has been embedded by BAM in Dutch roads

August 2017
Pilot with DEWA in Dubai

Nowi has concluded a pilot with a temperature sensor built upon the Nowi Power Module with DEWA, UAE’s largest utility company.

May 2017
Nowi wins Smart City Innovation Award

Minister of Foreign affairs Bert Koenders has given Nowi the award in New Delhi, India.

March 2017
Additional funding for Nowi

Nowi has received a significant loan from the RVO in order to further speed up it’s product development.

November 2016
Nowi wins Accenture Innovation Award

In the Internet of Things category a jury of experts has named Nowi the winner of the Accenture Innovation awards.