About Nowi

Nowi is a semiconductor company that developed the world’s most innovative energy harvesting IC with the smallest assembly footprint.

Who We Are

Nowi is a semiconductor company that specializes in the development of energy harvesting power management technology. We have developed a chip that combines the world’s smallest footprint, lowest cost BOM with the best harvesting performance.

What We Do

Nowi has developed a novel energy harvesting power management IC that combines top harvesting performance with the world’s smallest assembly footprint and lowest BOM cost. Thereby it simplifies the design process and lowers the threshold for any company to develop ‘Plug & Forget’ products.

Fundamentally Nowi believes that for the physical world to be connected to the digital world, a new approach for powering devices is required. Traditionally we power devices by bringing energy to them. We do this in the form of batteries and cables, however at the incredible scale of a connected world this has become a limiting factor. Instead of bringing energy, Nowi aims to enable products to use the energy that is already available at its location.

Nowi headquarters are in Delft, the Netherlands, in which a 40 people team is working on the development of new energy harvesting products and the commercialization of its first product the Codium EH PMIC.

How Did It Start

Nowi was founded in 2016 by Omar Link (Nowi COO) and Simon van der Jagt (Nowi CEO), building upon their idea which started as an academic project. Back then, the Internet of Things (IoT) was one of the hottest topics predicting that in 2020 there would be tens of billions connected devices. As that time frame grew closer, Nowi’s founders identified one critical bottleneck for the IoT: The power supply. The low-power IoT devices would need a cable or a battery to supply the power, and both options were either too expensive or simply impossible to implement for a lot of IoT business cases. In 2015 Simon and Omar started building on the existing decades of knowledge in several research groups at university, and shortly after appointed Dr. André L. R. Mansano as CTO of Nowi. The Nowi journey had started.

Where Are We Now

From that point onwards, Nowi grew its team and started developing their first Energy Harvesting PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) for all low-power IoT devices. The aim has been to develop energy harvesting PMIC’s that are low-cost, small, simple to use and have high performance. This lead to entirely new topology that enabled the PMIC to require a ~30X smaller PCB assembly footprint by nearly eliminating the BOM entirely. At the same time a new approach has been taking for the Maximum Power Point Tracking which has created a chip that is continously adapting to its environment and thereby maximizes the energy harvested each day.

Nowi at a Glance

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From academic research projects, to collaborations with some of the world’s leading electronic companies and a range of innovation awards. Nowi has gotten a significant amount of industry recognition over the years.