€1 million additional funding to Nowi for development of Energy Harvesting PMIC

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The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has granted NOWI €1 million in funding. The credit will be used to further develop the NOWI Energy Harvesting PMIC technology.

According to CEO Simon van der Jagt, the additional funding from RVO enables Nowi to make its technology market-ready. Nowi is translating its leading technology position in low-power energy harvesting into a small chip that can be used in a wide range of devices. As the Internet of Things begins to mature, it is becoming clear that there are hundreds of millions of so called smart-devices that need to become ‘Plug & Forget’. From smart watches to sensors and asset trackers, all of these devices have started to incorporate energy harvesting technology in order to significantly increase their lifetime and reduce the need for cables and battery changes.

More details at: EU-Startups

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