Press Release: Digety unveils green ESL powered by Nowi at EuroCIS 2022, for a smarter and more sustainable retail system

Digety, a fast-growing electronic shelf label company from Germany, partners with Nowi, specialised in energy harvesting, to develop solar-powered electronic shelf labels used in retail stores. This collaboration aims to meet surging market demand to provide retail stores with an innovative solution that will allow to further increase their yield and manage their supply chain processes more efficiently.

Digety’s portfolio includes digital tags and electronic shelf labels (ESLs). Its system is flexible, scalable and low maintenance, with decreased implementation and operation costs and limitless expandability making Digety’s technology suitable for an endless range of use cases. Thanks to its minimum need for external components and its ultra-compact size, the Nowi PMIC was easily integrated into Digety’s 2.7″ and 4.2″ existing RackTags, durable ESLs using high resolution e-paper display. Now powered by solar energy through a very small PV panel on top of the solution and Nowi’s energy harvesting IC, Digety developed “GreenTags” electronic shelf labels, which run without ever having to change a battery.

Simon Roth, co-founder and CEO at Digety, explains “The Energy Harvesting IC from Nowi was simple to be integrated into our electronic labels. Now our “GreenTags” independently harvest the required energy from light that is available everywhere. It’s indeed a bit like magic!”. He adds “Also, as we are responsible for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world, we are one step ahead by eliminating the necessity of recurring battery changes, by avoiding unnecessary waste production, and thus, reducing the need for mined raw materials.”. This cost-efficient solution allows vendors and retailers to reduce their maintenance and labour costs while providing a sustainable solution that will allow to drastically decrease the number of discarded batteries, hence making the retail industry less dependent on polluting storage elements.

Discover Digety’s newest GreenTags, powered by Nowi’s energy harvesting technology, at EuroCIS – the leading trade fair for retail technology– in Hall 9 / E32 (on the Instore Solutions booth) from May 31st to June 2nd 2022 in Düsseldorf. The Nowi team will also be available for additional information about its technology, will explain how it can be used to perpetually power retail devices and how its market-leading chipsets are gaining traction with renowned label makers and international retailers, making ESLs a growing market for energy harvesting.

About Nowi
Nowi is a semiconductor company founded in 2016, based in Delft, the Netherlands, with regional offices in the US and in Shanghai. Nowi has developed energy harvesting power management ICs that combine top harvesting performance with the world’s smallest assembly footprint and lowest BOM cost. Thereby it simplifies the design process and lowers the threshold for any company to develop ‘Plug & Forget’ products.

About Digety
Digety is a fast-growing electronic shelf label company from Germany and is a strategic partner of Instore Solutions. Digety’s new solar driven and sustainable electronic price labels reduce the environmental footprint of ESL while offering digital and process optimization services to their customers to make their business more efficient.

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