Press Release: Telink Introduces Energy Harvesting Multi-protocol Wireless Connectivity Module to Enable Batteryless Solutions

Telink and Nowi reinforce their existing partnership by launching an Energy Autonomous Wireless Connectivity Module. This new product offering enables additional energy harvesting use-cases by further reducing bill of material size, cost and complexity.

Telink’s new product -TLSR8273-M-EH- combines Telink’s top of the line multi-protocol connectivity SoC with Nowi’s industry leading energy harvesting PMIC. By providing low-power wireless connectivity, energy autonomy and power management all-in-one, this new module becomes a complete solution, which allows to:

• Reduce BOM and size
Thanks to the compact size and unique design of Nowi chipsets, the bill of material is significantly reduced. With a minimum need for external components (no inductors required) and their integration of both energy harvesting and power management features, the assembly size is also greatly reduced, which makes for a more cost-effective and smaller module.

• Reduce supply chain complexity
By integrating many features -including connectivity, energy harvesting, power management and USB charging-into one complete solution, only 1 module is needed instead of several chips, making for simpler purchasing and supply chain processes.

• Improve user-friendliness
By removing the need for battery swaps, Telink’s Energy Harvesting Connectivity Module enables the creation of hassle-free products. Nowi’s power management solutions answer the needs of a market which is frustrated by frequent battery swaps. According to a recent Qualtrics study, 89% of respondents would like an alternative to battery-powered TV remote controls. A large majority chose self-charging remotes as the most attractive alternative option.

• Improve the environmental impact of new products
This solution addresses the needs of TV ODMs and OEMs who cater to the new generation of environmentally conscious consumers. The industry is increasingly moving towards sustainable alternatives and reducing its reliance on billions of polluting primary batteries.

With combined wireless connectivity and energy harvesting on a compact footprint, this module makes batteryless operations possible for a wide range of IoT applications. Moreover, this module is compatible with Telink’s market-proven SDKs, making it easier for customers to upgrade their products with minimum effort. One of the most fitting applications for the module is TV remote controls that harvest energy from indoor lighting using a PV cell. To that end, Telink also provides a reference design based on this module for such remote control products. Telink invites customers to get started with fast time to market, as samples of Telink’s new eco-friendly wireless connectivity module are available starting today. Nowi and Telink teams will be available at IBC, the international conference for broadcasting in Amsterdam, from September 9-12, where the module and remote control samples will be showcased.

About Telink
Founded in 2010, Telink is dedicated to building the future of the Internet of Things. Our best-in-class research and development team, strategic technology partnerships, and global supply chain ecosystem together make Telink the leading SoC producer focused on IoT implementations in the world.

About Nowi
Nowi is a semiconductor company founded in 2016, based in Delft, the Netherlands, with regional offices in the US and in Shanghai. Nowi has developed energy harvesting power management ICs that combine top harvesting performance with the world’s smallest assembly footprint and lowest BOM cost. Thereby it simplifies the design process and lowers the threshold for any company to develop ‘Plug & Forget’ products.