Top IoT Innovator “Industrial” at Innovation World Cup® 2019

Nowi has been listed as one of the three best ideas from the IoT Innovation World Cup® Series 2019. The award ceremony for the 10th annual Innovation World Cup® Series took place at MWC Barcelona this February, celebrating the IoT game changers of today.


Dutch semiconductor innovator firm NOWI was awarded first place for its work in solving the power bottleneck in smart devices. NOWI’s innovative solution continuously brings energy to your device in lieu of wires or batteries by using the energy that is already available around the device. This can be light, heat, movement or even radio waves. Taking a form of a small chip that can be used in IoT devices, this technology will enable the creation of products that are either completely batteryless or hybrid battery devices with a greatly extended lifetime.

For consumers, having this technology will save both monetary and environmental costs associated with charging your devices. With predictions that there will soon be over 30 billion connected devices in the world, the requirement for power is only going to soar, so technology like NOWI’s that can help make IoT devices more efficient is becoming ever more significant.

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