Where to Buy

Easy-to-use products with a straightforward purchasing process.
Nowi is passionate about easy-to-use products and purchasing process. Whether it is for academic research or high volume products, it is simple to develop and launch your design using the Nowi Codium EH PMIC.

Prototyping & Small Volume

For prototyping and small volume orders Codium is available to order as a part and evaluation board on DigiKey (US only). For other geographical locations, please contact Nowi directly or request an evaluation board here.


Nowi has a dedicated academic research. Via this program it is possible to receive free-of-charge samples and technical support.

Customers in China & Taiwan

For volume customers based in Asia the products can be purchased from Comtech. This simplifies the purchasing process and eliminates the need for complex import and export rules.

Global Volume Customers

Customers in other areas of the world can directly order via Nowi.

For conversations on other purchasing models such as acquiring the silicon die, also go directly via Nowi.

Samples & Information

Information or prototype samples of upcoming new products can also be made accessible upon request via the contact page.
The Nowi application team is at your disposal to support your development efforts and can offer advise where needed. Via our contact page it is possible to connect with the respective team regardless of the purchasing channel you have chosen.